New DO90 Bezel Price Record

Recently sold on Ebay for an eye watering $2650.

As can be seen below there were three people all bidding over $2000.

This is the highest I have seen a bezel sell for, the last one selling for $2200 and it was better than this one, in terms of correct font.

Bidder Click here to know more about anonymous user IDs  Bid Amount Bid Time
  Member Id: i***z ( 659Feedback score is 500 to 999) US $2,650.00
May-19-16 12:54:51 PDT
  Member Id: e***e ( 30Feedback score is 10 to 49) US $2,600.00
May-19-16 12:54:55 PDT
  Member Id: r***d ( 295Feedback score is 100 to 499) US $2,500.00
May-19-16 12:54:38 PDT
  Member Id: e***e ( 30Feedback score is 10 to 49) US $2,201.00
May-19-16 12:54:50 PDT
  Member Id: e***e ( 30Feedback score is 10 to 49) US $2,151.00
May-19-16 12:54:48 PDT
  Member Id: e***e ( 30Feedback score is 10 to 49) US $2,101.00
May-19-16 12:54:44 PDT
  Member Id: e***e ( 30Feedback score is 10 to 49) US $2,051.00
May-19-16 12:54:40 PDT

DO90 bezel ebay may 2016

Now it does look relatively undamaged. However look at the 90:

1-DO90 bezel ebay may 2016

Compared to this:


The 90 in the recent ebay bezel has lost its tail under the steel edge. I do think this is manufacturing variation, but it is something I now look at. I feel if I am knocking on the door of $3000 to buy a bezel, I can at least be sure I am buying a good one. I find the cut 90 tails less attractive, and I suppose I am wondering if they are legitimate.

This bezel sold for the same price I paid for this watch two weeks ago:


Now having paid what I thought was a high price for a bezel a year ago, now I am thinking that the prices have pushed things so far that the watches are going to be hard to enjoy. Bezels do fall off, and they are intended to be a service part.

In a way I hope someone makes a replica available that is indistinguishable from the original so we can get on and enjoy the watches. I think this has happened, (true a much greater value) with the 2915 bezels, which I believe cannot be distinguished by most people – and therefore must all be valued as thought they are repros.

Geneva Watch Auction Fest

Some speedmasters sold well over the last weekend. Some very rare examples fetched expected amounts, although the collecting community was agahst at some of the prices, these were very rare watches and not indicative of a general upswing. In fact it could be argued the 2915 sold a little below expectations.

I was unable to harvest pictures from Christies. This link might work for you


2915-1  Serial No 15’499’398 Sold for $115,000

This appears a fair example. Like all 2915’s the bezel must come under scrutiny. It would appear this one reflects buyers reticence to value these bezels. In the past I might have expected a -1 to go higher. The hands appear to be service replacements,

105.002-62 FAP Serial No 19’584’305 Sold for $12,198.

Very rare, and I expected this to go higher. there was a mix up in the catalog so that would not have helped. the hands appear later additions. The dial, from the photos, looks poor but is correct.

2998-2 Serial 19’834’724 Sold for $19,260.

A terrible buy. this watch either has a seamaster movement or a replaced back. I do not know of a 2998-2 with a movement this high.

145.012-67 Serial 26’071’721 Sold for $9630.

This has a vintage pulsations bezel. Unusual, but I am not sure worth any more than a good DO90.

145.022 Soyuz Serial 39’181’362 Sold for $38,520.

This sold for Just a little more than the Christies December 2015 one, and so the value seems stable for these very rare watches.


2998-1 Phillips

2998-1 Serial not shown, Sold for $86,900. This had a brown dial, a very good BASE1000 bezel, and a lollipop hand. This was a very high price, that reflected the demand for these three attributes. Without them, perhaps it was a $25,000 watch.


145.012-67 Serial not shown. Black racing dial. Sold for $74,100. Very, very rare. Some say 10 examples known.


145.022-69 Serial not shown. Grey Racing dial. Sold for $59,000. These are not as rare, but highly sought after. I have seen three others on the market.


145.022 made in 1991 for Sultan of Oman. Sold for $31,000. Not where I would choose to put my money.



I bought this last year for just under $1900, because in spite of posting the listing on this site and telling everyone it was worth buying ….no one did. So I did.





Now the sharp eyed among you will notice the lollipop.

this came out of a watchmakers box – I saw it lying there and casually asked, “Er, do you want that?” He waved his hand at me, “Take it!” he said. Unfortunately it is not a2998 lollipop, but it di fit on this.P5070003-001

It arrived with an awful Chrono hand so I dropped the lollipop on to see if it fits, and it does. I suppose one day I might put it back to the original square end chrono, but I quite like this look.

And a lovely grey bezel. There has been some talk of “bleached” bezels but this one is probably original, given the source.P5070005

So just proves that there are still bargains about for the sharp eyed.