Short Pushers for the 105.012

I have observed screw in and drive in pushers fitted to this reference.

105.012-65. Here you can clearly see the short pushers.

Here are two pairs of pushers, the taller pair from a 145.022 and the shorter pair from a 105.012. You can see the screw threads on both pairs.

I am pretty sure both pairs are service replacements, (which is why I replaced them on the watches they came off).

I need to look closer at pushers.

Pahawi’s Opener gets even better !

Paul sent me a little upgrade to his wonderful opener:

This is the Aluminum one, and the rubber collar gives some grip. This certainly adds to ease of use.

Order this by clicking on the link on the left, or here

If you ever want to open a case back, use this tool – works on many other references too.

321 Column Wheel

When buying a calibre 321 we need to check the column wheel integrity.

Here is a 321 movement:

321 Movement, with arrow pointing to the column wheel. In this example it is in top condition.

Check for this:

Note the missing tooth on the wheel