Recent Case Back Sales

I am sure I am not alone in scouring Ebay for parts. It is about the only consistent source that has been fruitful for me.

If you need a caseback, then ebay is about the only place to find an old replacement. There still seem plenty of service backs floating around, but finding an old one takes patience.

Here is a case back for a 105.003-65, sold for $800 inc postage.

The edges show what might be corrosion. Flipping it over, we see a polished seamonster, with some failed opening marks, and the whole being a little soft looking from polishing. To be brutal, you wouldn’t choose it unless you had a shoddy watch to match it with.

If you needed a back, this is better than none.

On to the next.

105.003-63. Sold for $1275+ post

This is a much rarer item, the -63 is a much rarer reference, and it is in better condition. Frankly in my opinion this is worth much more than $500 that it achieved over the previous one:

The edges have less corrosion, the engraving is in better shape and the bevels are there, if polished – I think I could improve those bevels, note the smooth edge which I think could be sharper. In fact I think this was cheap, but perhaps the demand is less, because so few watches will be floating around without a case back.

The same seller had a third case back:

145.012 sold for $640+post

Now this is interesting, from a nerdy collectors viewpoint. Have a look.

Not bad condition, but this is unusual as it carries no date mark, and it is a CB case, with strange markings.

I must admit I have not noticed this before in any watches I have handled. Here is one of my own that is typical of what I expect to see:

If I had noticed this before the sale closed I might have tried to buy it as it is an oddity. In fact, going over some old photos, I think this must have been a 105.012-66CB case back with the engravings removed:

You can see that the odd line could be where the “105.012-66” was and the 145.012 added in.

Here is a closeup of the 105.012-66 case:

And here you can see where the original reference could have been obliterated and the new reference marked – including the “SP”which stands for “Special Poussoirs”indicating a higher standard of waterproof.

145.022-71 Sold for $300+post

Not as easy to find as you might think, this one is in good external condition, (without being too new looking) and was fair value.

The engraving has lost all its paint, and there is signs of light polishing but nothing that puts me off. The inside has some marks, (corrosion?) again nothing to put me off.