A Black Racing Dial – One Owner

Here is another one owner watch I have been lucky enough to acquire. It arrived a little time ago, and it came with the original paperwork from sale.

It is a 145.012-68 with a black Racing Dial. These dials are extremely rare and there are about 10 examples known, and I guess there may be 20 to 30 examples in existence.

It is currently at the workshop being serviced and cleaned. Here it is as arrived, complete with all the dirt.

…and the chrono creep:

Here it is, assembled, cleaned and serviced.

As is usual with watches I “restore” I try to change as little as possible.

Not the missing lume on the red hand – I decided to leave it. I simply serviced to movement and made sure there was nothing loose.

An interesting 145.012

The most common calibre 321 reference. It came in two almost identical executions the -67 and -68.

As far as I can tell, this is the only difference, the date in the back. The -68 is quite elusive and I have seen very few for sale. My own example is very unusual in that not only is it unoriginal, it is interesting enough to be in my “Full Set”.

Here we see it, and the sharp eyes will see that the dial indices, the plots, are short. It has a painted logo, and short spaced T marks. A service dial.

The dial has no step.  It is not flat, it is domed like late 1970’s dials fitted to the 145.022-74+. This is not a dial style I have ever seen fitted from the factory on a new calibre 321 watch.

So what happened? Well my own involvement with this watch was when I spoke to an Australian airline pilot who wanted to sell his watch, that he had since new. I had been regularly serviced, (Note the inner case back in the heading with all the service marks) and at least one of these times it was sent to Bienne.

I am guessing this might have been serviced in the late 1970’s. Where they fitted the dial, handset and bezel – which is a mid 1970’s bezel.

Although the dial is a service dial, it is very rare, and very attractive. And that is why I keep it in my full set, because it looks wonderful, and it is rare.


NoNASA 145.022-71

My latest arrival is a very rare 145.022-71.

145.022-71 in very fine condition

Normally -71’s  all come with a commemorative engraving that we are all very familiar with. This one is smooth backed around the Medalion, and is known as a “NoNASA”. I have been looking for one of these and one of my fellow collectors kindly let me buy this from him.

View of the case back showing the smooth back.

Inside the case back:

Inside the case back, showing one watchmakers mark.

The movement is in very good condition.

The movement, 32m serial. The pushers look new.

Some more views of that rare back;

This watch carries the correct bezel, a stepped dial and correct tritium hands. It is a lovely thing.

Sunlight Photo. Overall this is in very nice condition.

Overall that this is one of my most pleasing purchases.