Another Pair of 145.012’s

Here are two very different watches, both 145.012

On the left is a service movement and dial, that came to me in a straight lug case. The dial and handset is very attractive, though not valued by many today. It is very rare, and especially nice to see one with pleasing patina.

On the right is a really brown dial. This is an extreme change, and I have not seen one like it.

Black Racing Pro vs Non Pro

These two very rare black Racing Dials are both 145.012-67

So few are known.

Note one is a professional dial, and the other non pro. The chrono second hands are different, but there is no way of knowing for sure what the original specification is.

One thing we do know, is that both watches have an extract of the archive that state Black Racing Dial.

State of the Speedmaster Market

In March 2018

Much discussions over on OF on this subject here. Here is my bullet points as I see the market:

  • The best examples are held by collectors who are not selling
  • Most watches on the market are sold by dealers or collectors who like to churn thier collections for profit.
  • Dealers continue to ask higher prices, but they may or may not be selling
  • Private sellers are asking too much as well
  • If you want to actually sell a speedmaster, it will sell for more than 12 months ago, but not as high as some are asking
  • The 1970’s Speedmasters are hard to find, demand is rising and I expect these to rise in value, but not by a huge amount as they are not much to begin with
  • 2998 prices are all over the place. Lack of extracts and difficulty to verify is making buyers nervous of the very high prices ($100k) asked by some. A 2998 will still sell well for under $30,000
  • 105.002’s are so hard to find – so few have sold its very hard to know what one would sell for today. Possibly in line with a 2998-61/62
  • Oddities, like blue dials and racing dials, NoNasa, BA145.022-69, and the Soyuz are all selling like crazy – these are quite a different market to the black dials – so they should be when you think how few there are.
  • There are very few nice watches on the market at the moment
  • The watches that are available, need to be inspected closely

A pair of rarities

On the left is the very rare blue soleil dial, and on the right the black racing. Very few examples of each are known, perhaps between 10 and 20 of each are known.

Prices of both are headed towards $100,000 – but data is thin.