One to avoid, and learn

I was recently asked an opinion on this watch, offered by a dealer in Miami. It is listed as a 145.012, and I am sure those familiar with this site will see several issues straight away:

145012 from Gray and son

The Pushers on the watch are probably non omega, and do not fit. Check the upper one which is overlapping the case.

The bracelet is just wrong and without endlinks.

The dial has lost lume in places, leaving the the white showing. This is not immediately obvious from the photos, but quite clear once you look for it.

The listing states the movement is 14xxxxxx which does not make any sense at all.

But what really has me looking, is the bezel. This bezel is DO90 but is it one of the new fakes? The dot is in the correct place on the 140 but there is no wear on it at all. The metal edge is slightly heavy and this is something I have seen in fakes, but also the photo may be making it so. However it is extremely hard to think of a life where this watch appeared as it is today with the bezel experiencing no damage, bearing in mind the state of the rest of the watch.

I am away from my comparables but if I was looking at this watch I would be checking everything, including the originality of the bezel, if there is any damage from those pushers, and just in general going over everything with a fine tooth come, as this watch has red flags all over it.

It is being offered for $12,400.

You can see the original offer here.

Bukowskis Sale April 2019

There are fifteen Speedmasters coming up for sale in Sweden. Some might question the salability of so many all at once, and it will be interesting to see how strong is the demand and if the prices are supported by many bidders. In particular there are six 105.012’s. I think it is useful to list all the speedmasters here:

Estimates are in $Italics RESULTS ARE IN $BOLD INCL 22.5% Premium

  • Lot 1 145.022-69 $5400 Tropical Dial $10,560
  • Lot 6 105.012-65 $5400 Service Pushers otherwise correct DO90 $5300
  • Lot 11 105.012-64 $6500 Luminova hands, service pushers DO90 $6610
  • Lot 17 105.012-66HF $4850 Service Pushers, DO90 Wrong bct$5820
  • Lot 26 145.012-67 $3800 Tired. White plots. Poor DO90. $5560
  • Lot31A 145.022-69 $6500 Brown Dial, luminvoa hands, DO90$7930
  • Lot 35 105.012 / 145.012 $3250 mismatched case back and midcase$5025
  • Lot 39 145.012 $6500 dial from 105003. Good DO90$9260
  • Lot 49 105.012-66HF $6000 miss matched pushers, good DO90 $11240
  • Lot 72 145.022.69 $4350 Good DO90, seems good $6350
  • Lot 76 105.012-66HF $6000 Close spaced T’s Good DO90$11900
  • Lot 79 145.012-67 $5400 1039 bracelet, good DO90, Correct$6610
  • Lot 83 145.022-69 $4100 Fair DO90 Service bracelet$6080
  • Lot 87 145.012-67 $4350 Serviced, later bezel and bracelet$4630
  • Lot 95 2915-2 $130,000 Believed original family$120000

As ever remember the buyers premium totaling 22.5%. There is a bit about a further “Resale Right” fee of 5% but I cannot understand when it is due or when it applies. Edit: It has kindly been pointed out to me this fee is due to living artists on works of art sold in Sweden – we think it wont apply to watches.

One last note, is that since publishing this summary I was contacted by Bukowskis, who asked me to write a report. This report was published before they asked and I am happy to say it was my idea to write it, and I am happy they appreciate it, even though I consider myself completely independent and free to write what I believe.

The sale can be accessed here

Lot 1 Tropical Dial 145.022-69 Est $5400+ Commission

Link to lot Here

This is a non working watch, in the 2960xxxx range known for its attractive brown dials. It comes on the correct bracelet and is potentially a good watch to buy – it will need sympathetic recommissioning but I like it. Like all brown dials it would be best to view it before shooting the moon on it, but at the estimate I think its good. The DO90 bezel looks good and as far as I can see correct. This would be a watch I would try to buy.

Lot 6 105.012-65 Est $5400+ Commission

See it here

The first thing that strikes me is of course the damaged bezel. The watch looks like it has been serviced, but dont take my word for it. The movement is clean, but shows signs of minor corrosion, which is joined by corrosion on the hands. So commensurate with a little water damage perhaps. The pushers have been changed for service pushers (thin necks). The chrono hand is square end, so perhaps the hands were changed some time ago. The bezel is correct but poor. For the estimate, it is not crazy, but I wonder if there are currently buyers for this kind of watch at this price. Its a wearable speedmaster, with an attractive dial and handset, let own by the bezel, but then it is cheaper.

Lot 11 105.012-64 Est $6500+commission

Listing can be seen here

Those hands burn my eyes! This example has the close spaced T marked dial, and a very early serial, so attractive for its rarity. For me the 64 is quite hard to find, and this might account for the higher estimate than the previous lot, which is quite similar. I would guess this one also had a recent service, the pushers and hands were changed, and the good thing is the old hands come with the watch. I will take note of how the sale of these two 105.012’s progresses with interest.

Lot 17 105.012-66HF $4850 + Commission

See the lot here

Yet another 105012. This one is the 66HF and I think it is harder to find than the 66CB. This one has an incorrect 1171/633 bracelet. It also has the service pushers, and a tired bezel in common with the last two. So by being the cheapest it might be the best value one to go for, if you are looking for an entry level or wearable 105.012 Speedmaster. It looks like it needs a service (look at the hour subdial, which has crept all the way to 4). But then most watches here need a service.

It has a lot of marks, which I think are on the crystal but could be on the dial. By comparing the face on and side on photos, I conclude that the marks are on the crystal. I would if buying triple check that, and do not rely on me.

Lot 26 145.012-67 $3800 + Commission

See it here

While this might appear cheap, there is good reason as the whole watch is tired cosmetically, in a way it cannot be brought back from without re polishing the case, and re luming the dial – which looks like it has lost all lume and now showing the white pant of the plots. It is a great example of a watch that while having all the correct parts, is just not worth very much as all the parts are poor. Obviously the bracelet is a later one, and so does not need to be taken into account for value. It comes with papers, which are probably genuine as they have a hint of carelessness or incompetence often seen in original papers. If the extract were to match the country of issue I would be happy to accept them. However as the watch is so poor, its a moot point.

Lot 35 105.012/145.012 $3250 + Commission

See the lot here

So this is what appears to be a 105.012 with a 145.012 case back. It is ironic that this is the most attractive 105012 in the sale so far! That is taking into account the price and condition.

The pushers are fat necked originals. The dial and bezel look correct and indeed the bezel may be better when cleaned or just in real life. The hands are damaged but a good watchmaker will repair them or even fully restore them to vintage appearance. Although I would expect a drop end chrono, and therefore this may be an early replacement set. The lume on the dial is not perfect but I would leave that alone, and give it a full service. If you have a case back lying around, (which I do) then this will give a very cheap 105.012-66CB. And if it clears an extract….it wuld be quite cheap. So I would be a buyer for this at the estimate. Bearing in mind the value of the fat neck pushers I expect this lot to do better than my bid.

Lot 31A 145.022-69 Brown $6500 + Commission

See it here

This is a well prepared lot, serviced, with an extract, but somehow disappointing.

However the bracelet is too late. The brown on the dial is blotchy, and the photographs have as yet failed to excite me as far as the colour and appearance go. And that is the secret with a brown, it has to excite the viewer. Perhaps this will when held in hand, but so far I am not a bidder for this. Bezel looks nice, but they changed all the hands for Superluminova, and the whole watch just doesnt look as nice as it should for the money being asked. It has a new dust cover, and this always puts my speedy senses tingling. We shall see if this sells.

Lot 39 145.012 with 105.003 dial $6500 + Commission

See it here

Well this is one for the watch builders. It has good parts. The price is strong, its no bargain, but the watch is interesting. The dial could go straight into a 105.003 and make it better, the bezel is good and real, and the bracelet is period, even if the endlinks do not fit. The case sides show clear brushing. I wonder what is the origin of the case, and what the story is. Perhaps this is a re-cased 105003 rather than a 145012 with an early dial. I would want an extract telling me what the movement should be in before buying this, but its an interesting lot for a gambler.

Lot 49 105.012-66HF $6000 + Commission

See it here

Oh dear. How many mediocre 105.012’s can the market absorb at once? This has one service pusher and one original. A good bezel and an ok dial, with the wrong bracelet and a dirty movement. Its going to need a bit of work, and the hands need adjusting as they look awful to me. I dont like or trust this watch at this money. Who replaces ONE pusher?

Putting my visceral feelings aside, is it worth buying? Well I would want to fit another pusher and finding one will be a challenge. Plus a service , and some minor hand adjustment will bring the watch into roughly $9000. So not crazy.

Lot 72 145.022-69 $4350 +commission

See it here

Assuming that the speckling over the left subdial is on the crystal, I like this one for the money, its downright cheap. Good DO90 bezel, and a nice looking dial *(Subject as I say to the speckle check), I cannot see why this is not going to sell over estimate. Its a 2911xxxx series so even if not brown, it is likely the dial will be nice. I am a buyer for this watch at this price. Subject to confirming that dust/dial marks.

Lot 76 105.012-66HF $6000 + Commission

See it here

This is a good looking correct watch and so far the 105012 I would try to buy. The dial is close spaced T’s, and the serial is at the lower end of the correct range, so the early dial makes sense. The DO90 bezel is nice. It comes on a 1039 bracelet, which is filthy. I like this watch. It seems unmolested, in spite of the slightly discoloured bridge in the movement.

This is my pick of the sale so far.

Lot 79 145.012-67 $5400 + Commission

See it here

An attractive looking watch. A fair DO90. The dial looks nice but has lost some plot lume, under a damaged crystal. The bracelet is a 1039 but the hands look luminova. The watch comes with a lot of paperwork and a genuine looking filled Omega booklet. The bracelet bears initials on the bracelet. At the estimate it looks good, but it may fail to sell at this price in this market. I hope I am wrong.

Lot 83 145.022-69 $4350+ Commission

Another 2911xxxx, this time with a bracelet, but it is a later service bracelet. The dial and hands are very nice, but the bezel is slightly more damaged than lot 72. It also comes with what is described as a damaged 1039 bracelet. One pusher has been replaced.

Lot 87 145.012-67 $4400 + Commission

This is another photo that shows lots of dust, or specks, and we need to know if they are on the dial. I am assuming its dust for this assessment, but if I was a buyer for this lot I would HAVE to confirm the state of the dial with the auction house. The dial is otherwise ok, but the plots are losing lume and what is left is dirty. The DO90 bezel is fair. The bracelet is 1450 so I imagine there will be buyers of this lot who just want the bracelet. I will not be bidding for this, even at the estimate which will make it quite an inexpensive calibre 321 speedmaster – I just could not live with those plots.

Lot 95 2915-2 $120,000

This has caused a minor stir over on the forum, here. The hour and minute hands show different colour lume, so at least one of them has been re lumed. It is believed to have been found in a drawer of the original owner. I will let any buyer make their own mind up about this watch. Good luck!

Some Interesting Hand Sales

I am often asked what hands go for. A quick trawl of Ebay yields some interesting things.

First, from Ebay being sold by a very good seller is a set of NOS Tritium hands that sold for so much money they must be headed for a straight lug watch.

NOS Tritium Hands sold by Usmidur on Ebay for 1400 sterling

Next we have a set of New hands, which I think must be Superluminova. The seller is another one with a good reputation. These have a Buy It Now price of 165 Sterling.

There are also aftermarket hands, which are sold to replace Omega hands. These are being offered for 50 Sterling. The seller makes it clear that the hands are aftermarket:

And here is an Original set of Omega Hands in original packaging for 175 Sterling:

It is fascinating to me that the NOS tritium hands were fought so hard for, but it makes sense when you work it out, and if they are going to end up in a valuable straight lug.

We also have to be careful when buying lesser valuable references as it seems that aftermarket hands are going to be prevalent.