A New Blue comes to SP101!

My main focus is on one owner watches and exotic dials. If I get the chance I will buy them at any opportunity.

The colour quite hard to photograph, but the lustre is always obvious. Note the sunburst finish and subtle blue metalic body colour.

This one is a non pro short indices version and there are others with long indices and with Professional on the dial.

This one is very rare as it is a 105.002:

Most often these dials are seen in105.003. However when I say most often, I mean I have seen three. One in a 2998 and now this in a 105.002. There is one coming up for sale in Watches of Knightsbridge in Mid November and that is a 105.012 and you can see it here.

Here is the image of it linked from the WOK site.

A Non Pro 105012 on Chrono24 – Is it Legit?

This is listed as a 105.012-65 and the seller calls it a “two Liner” – this is the language of a Rolex dealer. You can see the listing on C24 here

The first thing to note is that the dial is a Non Pro, stepped, AML long indices (MWO A7). I have seen several 105.012’s with a non pro dial and I have to say that never have I been convinced that it could be original from the factory. So the first thing to think is that this is a replaced dial.

Looking further at the dial, the lume is even coloured, orangish yellow, and thick with an icing like consistency. I think it could be re lumed. When we take the hand lume colour into account as well, it becomes more likely.

So in my opinion this is a dial from a 105.003 that has been re lumed.

The back of the watch has the correct double step case back. The line runs in the middle of the slots indicating that the case – back has not been polished

Inside the case back we see the reference and -64.

The movement is clean, and looks good. The pushers are the original fat neck.

The sides of the case also look good. I think there has been some slight polishing, and the lines are a little blurred

The crown is 24 teeth and is correct.

In summary, I think this is a prepared watch, with the wrong dial, a grey unappealing bezel, and a blurred mid case. It is currently offered for sale at $21,000.

A very rare Straight Writing for sale on Ebay

(I have no connection to seller)

Cruising though ebay as we do, I came across this:

It is the extremely rare “Apollo” version of the straight writing. These are much rarer than the other version without Apollo. It seems the seller is aware of this and is asking $15,750. This seems very much higher than any example I have seen sold, however I do not critisise the asking price as these are so rare. After all, find another.

From the front, it looks fair to good, note the dial has a few marks on it, perhaps oil from servicing. If you blow the image up it can be quite noticeable.

watch is clean from the sides, and in general its in good condition.

Movement is clean

All I can say is that I think the seller is being optimistic, but he does have a good example of a very rare reference. If you are the kind of crazy collector who needs one of each reference, there is not a lot of opportunity to get one of these.

The ebay auction is here