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The prices on this page have been updated August  2018

The price of DO90 bezels continues to hit extraordinary highs last month, with a mint example selling for over $5000.

Up until now this territory was occupied by the unicorn of black bezels, the BASE1000.

Fitted to the 2915-3 and the 2998-1 & 2 these are very hard to source. I have heard of recent unconfirmed trades as high as $20,000 – but I stress I have not seen the bezels nor can i be sure of this. One thing for sure a fine bezel will now fit a very valuable watch.

This is not so fine, and indeed was certainly removed from a watch for being too poor, and survived through luck to be sold loose.

BASE1000 Bezel
BASE1000 Bezel

T SWISS T different spacings

So we often refer to the marking at the bottom of the dial, the SWISS mark.

Beneath the six o’clock marker on all Speedmasters is this mark in three varieties:

  • T SWISS T  (Close spaced T’s)
  • T     SWISS    T (Wide spaced T’s)

There is another version I have heard of, where the T’s are added later, slightly out of line. (I don’t have an example)

Here is a comparison of the two.  (Note the short indices, that stop short of the minute track – but thats another subject)

A comparison between wide, and close spaced T’s. What is especially interesting is the the dial on the right is a 321 dial, with close T marks for a 105.003 – but notice the markers are the same length as the 861 dial on the left.


Nearly all there

A few pesky problems with picture alignment and we should be all ready for final tweaking and polish. The “backup” was almost entirely from my head, with a little help from TNTWatch. Cheers.

And we have over 120,000 visits now.

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