145.022-59 For Sale On OF

I have been asked so many times about this watch I thought it was interesting enough to write a post.

The watch is offered on OmegaForums.net by a member in good standing.

We can see straight away it is a clean dial, with slight green plots. The hands have blackened lume and the bezel is a 220. The Asking Price is $5,500

At first glance then, this is a good looking watch at around the correct price. However, there is a hitch. It has a declared service back. Not only is it a service back it is a 145.0012 which is not correct for this watch. (Though as far as I know the only difference between the two service backs is the number).

Inside back showing the 145.0012 designation

To be correct it should have a 145.022-69 back like this:

An example of a correct 145.022-69 back

Back to the OF sale watch. The case back is fully declared by the seller, but it then makes me wonder, was the whole case replaced? To check that we need to compare the original watch with a known correct 69. This is not easy across the web as the differences are subtle, yet apparent were you to have the two in hands – even better a service case too.

Cropped from the listing. Here we can see the height and shape of the brushed side, and silhouette of the side

So I grabbed a -69 and made a comparison shot….unfortunately I need to shoot with my right hand…..

My own -69 that may have had some case work (light polishing).

The above watch has had some polishing, so I grabbed the one owner, never polished example:

One owner, untouched ’69

So there you have two examples of confirmed correct cases, one of which is confirmed never polished. So you can decide if you like the look of the case.

For me, the case is not as I would expect. However it doesn’t mean its a replaced mid case, it could be polished. Without handling the watch I would not want to say for sure.

What I would say is that when I do a comparison, and take $5,500 imaginary dollars to shop for a speedmaster, this one would not even get on the short list.

Here are two that would.

This is a 145.022-69 for sale on Ebay, with a BIN price of $4050. It needs cleaning up and serviceing, but it will still come home under $5500. I happen to like this kind of watch, if cheap enough.

145.022-59 on Ebay for $4050 BIN. Its a 2911xxxx with a tired DO90 bezel. It might just clean up to be a characterful watch for under $5000

If you like a cleaner looking watch, then this 145.022-69 on ebay, but from Japan might suit you at $4950

very clean example, the disadvantage it will be shipped from Japan.

Lastly, if the 220 missprint bezel is something you must have, then look at this. though to be fair the bezel is poor. However do look at the listing and observe the sides and compare with the first watch in the listing.

This watch is a bit tired in the bezel, but otherwise correct, and $500 less than the OF watch with a correct back.

This post started with some queries about a watch, that evolved into a discussion of replacement mid cases, and then to a quick look at whats around for $5000.