2915 Page Updated

I have updated the 2915 page to reflect my thinking now on this elusive, desirable, yet financially dangerous reference.


I think I have now narrowed down the serial ranges, which will annoy some owners of miss matched watches, but until evidence suggests otherwise, this is the conclusion.

I have come to the solid conclusion that while there is an original steel bezel out there, there is no one who can conclusively prove to me that a certain one is original. (Because of the lack of solid evidence backed data available to me). Therefore we have to value them all as repros. ($2000). I am open to changing my opinion on this, once I can educate myself. For the moment I think there is such a thing as a serif on some of them, but just because a bezel does not have it, doesnt make it repro….

Also I am fairly sure someone has made a BASE1000 black bezel, but I cannot get hold of one, so perhaps it was very difficult to make, lets hope so.