2998 – No Need For Perfection For Attraction

Here is a nice watch obtained by me a while ago, but just returned from a long trip to service. Long because I dont push, and often have other things that I want first.

This was bought some while ago. It has issues, as well as its charms.

The issues are :

  • Dial has two scratches
  • H/M hands are thin lume
  • sub dial hands are dirty
  • Case is worn and scratched
  • Bezel is untidy, not high value

The charms are:

  • Correctly appointed
  • Original pushers
  • Case in acceptable condition for year and rarity
  • Lollipop hand – wether or not original (I dont know. Recieved wisdom is that they appear on -4’s but I think they can be seen on other 2998’s and even 2915’s)
  • Lovely colour dial and plots, despite the poor body condition.


The dial has two scratches on it – and has clearly seen better days. However it is original, correct, and a nice colour with good looking plots and a full minute track.P8080003

Hands, despite the lollipop, seem ok but not the nice triangle lume, and pretty rough. But correct, and all there.P8080003-001

Above and below, the two scrateches are in focus.P8080004

And who’s gorilla tried to undo it? Exasperating!