A family owned Speedmaster

One of the great pleasures of this site is the people I meet, who have one watch and very different lives to mine. I corresponded with a gentleman in the west of England for months about this watch, and eventually I managed to drive down and meet him. The watch belonged to his friend, who told me the watch had remained unused for many years after the late original owner departed. It has clearly been used well. I did not know for sure what it was.

This watch was quite a quandary to value. Until I arrived, we did not know what the reference was. The dial is an AML with T marks – I did not capture that in the photos. It would appear it is well hidden under the silver rehaut.

The hands look to me like service items. Note the flat surface, and the sharp square ends of the lume slots.

The chrono hand looks original, and is a lovely thing to have. They are surprisingly unavailable in the secondary market – the Omega service item is an ugly, fat tailed thing that looks terrible.

This watch has a big dent in the lug: (oops! – Destroying, literally decimating the value)

In the shot above, we can see the dent. A candidate for laser filling perhaps? trouble is once you go down that route, the whole watch will be refinished.

Note also the lume, which appears original, and the corrosion on the pusher necks. If these have been replaced, (and the rest of the watch suggests they probably were) then they are original and old Omega parts, suggesting the last service was some time ago – especially bearing in mind the T mark dial.

Another view, showing the marked crystal. The bezel is a very nice DO90 – with quite a lot of dirt obscuring what I think is a near perfect example.

I have opened the watch, and it is a 2998-1 with an appropriate looking serial number. It was clearly serviced, and now carries non original dial, hands and bezel. My next step is to decide how best to bring this watch back. I have a 2998 dial, but no bezel, and I have a 105.003 that will love this dial as it currently has a service one.

Unfortunately I am now away once more, and the watches are back locked in the bank. As soon as I can, I will update with more photos of this interesting, though incorrect watch, and what I decide to do with it.