Auction Season 2017 starts…

Watches of Knightsbridge on March 18th 2017.

(There were a couple of poor 105.003’s last week in Fellows but for some reason I cannot track down good images)

WOK had a fairly unsuccessful sale in Middle East, and now returns to london. Premium is 24% incl vat and sensibly they are no longer charging for online bidding. (I am waiting for all auctioneers to start charging for phone bids, which surely costs  them money compared to  online).

lot 190 105.003-65 Estimate £6000 – £7000

This is a well used and generally worn watch, that manages to remain attractive, perhaps because it all seems to fit together and appear original-ish, or at least honest. The bracelet and endlinks are valuable on their own, but inspection would be needed before throuwing full value into it to make sure the endlinks are genuine, $1000+ No6’s.  There are issues with the hands, which are almost certainly partially or fully replaced, but a long time ago.

The dial and bezel are pretty poor examples, but solid and it would not improve the watch to swap anything out, as it would upset the balance. These two items form a huge part of the value and they are simply not very good quality.  However as the overall package of the watch is balanced and attractive, it might make the estimate.  It is such a difficult watch to value – its attractive, but flawed.

The dial looks dry, and spotted and poor – however I wonder if this is the photography. It’s still an average watch, and that means that while speedy-mania reigns, it will sell, but if ever there is a slow down it is exactly this nearly correct, but poor quality that will suffer devaluation first.

Lot 191 105.002/145.012 double ref, £5000 – £6000

Double reference in the case back – very unusual and especially unusual to be paired with 105.002. I have seen this with 105.012/145.012 but not so far mixed with a straight lug reference. I am not sure just how many nerdy speedmaster collectors will fight over this. I have a feeling not many – we would rather spend the money elsewhere. Like the 220 bezel, these double ref backs are interesting, but not interesting enough to pay a big premeium for.

This watch has incorrect hands, a later bezel and a poor looking dial. It looks dry, aged and in poor condition, with spots.

the bracelet will add value, but this is a strong estimate for a watch with incorrect bezel and hands and a poor dial, even with the case back. For me it is 2000 over estimated, but we shall see – it’s a new season and buyers have had little to buy and may be ready to spend.

Lot 192 145.022-69 Straight Writing, estimate £4500-£5500

Here we have a rare straight writing case, with an extract which is becoming more and more important to me as values rise. Remember there are two versions of this caseback and this one is the more common..

Lot 194 145.022-74 estimate £2000-£2500


Another owned watch, evidenced by the signs of wear. For me, a -74 is not as desirable as a -71 because from -74 the dials are domed. Having said that, it can be an affordable entry to speedmaster ownership. I suspect this one will need a full service before being safe to use. At this level we have to examine the finances ruthlessly, so the watch could cost 2500+520 commission + 500 service, so £3520 at high estimate. As you would end up with a solid serviced speedmaster, I can see how in today’s age it would be attractive to buy this – at least you would know it’s not been ‘dealered”.

This watch appears correct, the bezel being the dropped serif tall letter tachymetre. This part, I am sure, will see the next surge in bezel values.