August Price Chart

August is an awkward time to be updating the chart, as the sales are thin, and during this time of year opinions without substance can gain traction as everyone is off doing something relaxing.

Every September for the last few years the stock market and gold have shifted, often against “August Opinions” and so I make the changes to the chart with the reminder that I try to reflect known transactions. September may bring changes.

105.003’s have become hot. Several sold at auction for $13,000+.

105.012’s are quick to sell when attractive, and slow to sell when not.

Several put together or unattractive watches have languished, and some correct but poor quality watches have also failed to sell.

As ever, top quality gets more expensive. I know of a fine 105.003 selling for $18,000, and several 145.022-69’s selling above the chart, even with a DN90.

2998’s have reached very high levels, and so now we must look for Rolex-Level deceptions in the areas of counterfeit parts, or aged dials and hands. As yet I do not know of any fake black bezels.

Remember too, that the very expensive watches have to be appealing. When we get over $10,000, and especially over $25,000, the watch must have that certain special appeal that cannot be quantified or certified. It must have an appeal, and special attraction, and if you cannot see it, then it is unlikely that the “rich person” that we all think will pay a lot of money for a watch will see it either.

2998-62. Rare Lollipop. Alpha hands are Omega service items. Dial is scratches and missing lume. It is a very attractive watch that despite its issues would sell well. It also has a fresh service. However it would never fall into the collector range of prices.