Christies Geneva November 2019

Again only two Speedmasters. You can see the whole sale here.

Lot 25 145.012-67 Ultraman $30,000 – $50,000

Dial shows some spots in the centre, especially on the subdials. This “dryness” is contiued at the step, especially seen 9 marker to 1 marker. Plots are thin, white and not attractive. The lume is missing in places. The dial does not exhibit the glossy finish that some expect on an Ultraman. It is not a great dial. The H/M hands are correct, with decayed lume. The Chrono hand is correct colour and length and in good condition. (As an aside, the condition is almost perfect. Begging the question is it original? Surely someone is making the long central chrono hand by now).

Lot 132 105.003-65 $20,000 – $30,000

Dial is very good. Body is clean and attractive colour, and print is intact. Plots are a little wobbly but we see this in original Ed Whites. The plots have slight black marks. While it is possible they are adjusted, I believe based on comparison with other Ed Whites this dial is original. The hands have a lume colour not normally associated with this era, and I would inspect them closely – but I would be willing to accept them as original on inspection and UV comparison. Pushers look very new, but have domed tops as per original spec.

There are a couple of red flags. First, it was in Omegamania, and many of these watches have proved over time to have issues. This one may have none, but it makes me check. Secondly, a blank guarantee booklet has been added, and this was not part of the Omegamania lot. It is a nice thing to have, but it is not part of the original purchase and so adds nothing to the genuineness of the package. The DO90 bezel appears to have been added after the Omegamania sale. You can see that lot here.

Now the dial and case do look very good indeed. I would say this watch is worth having, just beetle on and get an extract if you win it, before paying.

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