Sotheby’s Sale NY 2019

Often results can be misleading if you have not actually held the goods. A prime example is this 2915-2 for $52,500. This seems very cheap. Original lot is here

It has original looking pushers, but a 32 tooth crown. It has a oval “O”but the plots might have had help. Th dial body is excellent, with only a tiny spot that if you are obsessive with a loupe you will find. I looked hard at the bezel and frankly I do not know. And to be honest I didnt worry about it, because of the next thing issue, The movement. I think this is a dodgy movement, as the engraving on the bridge was unlike any engraving I have seen before – easily legible, and the digits clear and thin, well defined. Not your normal Speedmaster number. So I dismissed this. At the price, it might be worth it for the case and dial, and hands which are good. Who knows. However if you are after an honest 2915 this was not it. Nowadays, if a major auction house presents a 2915 without an extract, we have to ask why. Extracts can be obtained in days, now, and so if they do not present one, I can only think it cannot get one.

My message to all you buyers of 2915’s in the last two years (Prices ranging from $120,000 to $400,000) do not think your watches have plummeted in value based on this result.