Geneva Auctions reviews

Here I review the four Geneva Auctions from Phillips, Antiquorum, Christies and Sothebys. They are on separate pages and if you keep scrolling you will see them, or click on the names to go direct to my page on them.


  • 9th Phillips : Hotel La Reserve 6pm (following double signed auction)
  • 10th Phillips : Hotel La Reserve session 2 at 4pm
  • 10th Antiquorum : Beau-Rivage Hotel 11am and 2pm
  • 11th Christies : Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues 10.30 and 2.30pm
  • 12th Sothebys : Mandarin Oriental 10.30 and 2.30pm

I have looked at all the Speedmasters for sale in Geneva this November and gone through the catalogs. You must inspect the watches before buying as I have only seen photos. What I am concerned about is that some of the dials are showing marks that may just be the crystal. As there is only one of each photo, we cannot judge the depth of a mark.

A lot of the watches offered are poor, and perhaps they are attractive and worth having at a cheap price. Some of the watches are very expensive, and we have to wonder are they badly presented? So its best to view if you are a serious buyer.

The two Soyuz watches can be bought without viewing. After all, what are you going to do, look for another? These are very rare to market so you have to take what you can get.

Antiquorum wins the most speedmasters for sale award. Really wide selection and an opportunity to learn a lot if you get the chance to view. I really like that they put up so many, but you have to go and view as some have issues you have to see. They are the only House to offer a 2915 this season.

Christies have only two. One is an ex Omegamania Ed White with added booklet. Its nice, but be aware.

Sothebys also just two, but they have the nice Soyuz with correct bracelet, under estimated from a private family.

Phillips have two, and Ultraman and a very rare, but dull ACP.