One to avoid, and learn

I was recently asked an opinion on this watch, offered by a dealer in Miami. It is listed as a 145.012, and I am sure those familiar with this site will see several issues straight away:

145012 from Gray and son

The Pushers on the watch are probably non omega, and do not fit. Check the upper one which is overlapping the case.

The bracelet is just wrong and without endlinks.

The dial has lost lume in places, leaving the the white showing. This is not immediately obvious from the photos, but quite clear once you look for it.

The listing states the movement is 14xxxxxx which does not make any sense at all.

But what really has me looking, is the bezel. This bezel is DO90 but is it one of the new fakes? The dot is in the correct place on the 140 but there is no wear on it at all. The metal edge is slightly heavy and this is something I have seen in fakes, but also the photo may be making it so. However it is extremely hard to think of a life where this watch appeared as it is today with the bezel experiencing no damage, bearing in mind the state of the rest of the watch.

I am away from my comparables but if I was looking at this watch I would be checking everything, including the originality of the bezel, if there is any damage from those pushers, and just in general going over everything with a fine tooth come, as this watch has red flags all over it.

It is being offered for $12,400.

You can see the original offer here.