Phillips Geneva, November 2019

Phillips are selling only two speedmasters, both unusual. See the full auction here. Quite a departure from last year when they were the King of 2915’s.

Lot 188 105.012-63 $30,000 – $50,000

Dial is the very early, and rare SWISS MADE Professional only seen in 105.012-63. It is even rarer with the ACP marking, backed up by an extract.

The dial body is good, with no obvious damage. The lume plots are poor, ugly colour and unattractive. If this was not an ACP I would not even bother to proceed with the assessment. The hands look original and commensurate to the dial. The pushers are fat neck original, and the crown is also original spec. The bezel is DO90 but has several areas of damage, especially to the left hand side. I personally have better places to spend this much money, but I make no judgement on those who want this very rare watch.

Phillips Lot 188

Lot 190 145.012-67 Ultraman $20,000 – $40,000

An Ultraman with the extract

Dial body looks nice, even a hint of brown. Slight dryness around the subdials, some damage to left hand side that is probably the crystal and also two marks over the running second subdial that need to be checked that they are crystal or dial. Hands all look original and correct, including the long central redish orange chrono hand that justifies the $10,000 – $30,000 premium these watches seem to fetch over the standard 145.012’s. Plots are fair, slight loss of lume on two plots, and black spots on two more.

Case seems ok, and pushers are correct. Crown is 32 tooth. Bezel is correct and in good condition. Slightly discoloured for my taste.

Overall the watch is well presented and attractive. Check out this page for more info on Ultraman.

Phillips Lot 190

I review the four Geneva Auctions from Phillips, Antiquorum, Christies and Sothebys. They are on separate pages so click on the names to go direct to my page on them