Sothebys Geneva November 2019

Only two Speedmasters here. The Soyuz is very interesting, while the 145.022-69 really is not. The sale is seen here

Lot 418 145.022 Apollo Soyuz $12,000 – 16,000

The dial is correct, and the body is good. There are some marks visible that a buyer must ensure are on the crystal not the dial. The plots are a little grubby but there. The bezel is correct and in good condition. The psuhers are the correct oversize 5.5mm ones unique to this reference. The bracelet also looks correct.

We can see also the hour counter has crept around the dial, and this indicates an adjustment at best, a service at worst – this will not deter any but the most novice collector.

I think this watch will sail past the estimate, probably selling for $40,000. If not, then I will be surprised. These are so rare, that any chance to buy one will be contested by multiple collectors.

Lot 419 145.022-69 $4,000 – $6,000

Dial is not showing an obvious step, but the description says there is one. I suspect this is down to Sothebys rather zealous post processing, first seen in the Speedmaster sale in july this year. The dial is quite hard to judge, with a few marks that are probably the crystal. The plots are varied and not attractive, the h/m hands are dark lume, as is the chrono hand. These hands are also quite dirty. The bezel is DN90 with slightly thick printing (normal manufacturing result, but less attractive). I think this watch will look less attractive in hand, to the extent I cant think what Sothebys were thinking putting it in – its not even cheap. Look at the lower endlink. Something is not right with that.

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