Time to Say Goodbye

…to this lovely example of a 145.022-71. I rarely sell watches, and when I do its with good reason.

In my experience these are very rare, and I have been looking for one for six years. Then last year, I found myself committed to buying two at once, and I am trying to keep only one of each reference, so this one goes.

This one has the smooth back, or “No Nasa” as we now call it. I was told that the reason this came about was a delay in Omega negotiating with NASA the rights to the wording on the watch that we all now know.

“Less is more” The watch is rarer and desirable because it lacks the engraving normally seen on medallion casebacks.

What made this watch even more special is that it is the actual watch featured in MoonWatch Only.

So now I am saying goodbye, and the watch is off to its next custodian.