Time4APint Podcast

My friend The Lizard and I met with some watches. You can hear the pod cast here. We had some watches on the table

Now here are the photos that go with the podcast:


These watches were produced in 1969 and the first 40 were presented to the astronauts.

We discussed the subtle variations seen in these watches.

Here we see “OM SWISS MADE OM” marked at the bottom of the dial signifying a solid gold dial – this is on all variations.

Here we see the flattened “O” of Omega. We discussed the different dials, and that they are seen. We call these flattened oval dials “early dials” but this is not actually based on evidence, just the similarities to an early 2998 dial. The actual dials themselves have been observed all through the number range.

And for comparison the round “O” in Omega:

We discussed the bezels. The black bezel was fitted before I came to the watch and I believe it was fitted by the previous owner.

There are at least three different case backs. I would photo them but to do it properly I would have to open the bracelets, and that is for another day.

The Pair of 145.022’s

These two watches have both been discussed here and here on the blog. One is from one owner and the other from the owners son. They are the same reference, and have some subtle differences.

Being one owner watches, they both retain the special look of a watch that has never been “improved” by someone who thinks they know what they are doing.

First is the “Ski Patrol” watch, with the added bonus of an original Omega brochure:

And here is the “Chefs Watch” – shown here as arrived with Omega service record and spare parts, including thankfully the old hands.

Two Straight lugs, a quality comparison:

A restoration of a 145.012 movement:

I admit it, I bought this complete car crash for the flawless DO90 bezel it arrived with. I sent it to Simon, thinking I would be lucky if we salvaged the dial.

Simon rang me to say he could not only remove the dial but he could transform the watch. And here is the restored movement. This is a big job, not many could or would take it on, but Simon Freese did. In fact I saw his eyes light up at the challenge. A job well done (No parts were replaced!):

I mean really – look at this:

Compared to :

Two Incorrect but beautiful straight lugs:

The sharp lugged 105.002 with the 105003 dial has been discussed here.


It is a near perfect cased 105.002 with a T marked dial usually seen in a 105.003.

The dial on this 105.003 is so spectacular and so perfect, (As well as being in the wrong watch…) but I have yet to work out what to do with it if anything. I seem to spend a lot of time thinking and not doing with my watches, which probably keeps them safe from harm. I am very much a leave alone kind of collector.

105.003 with perfect brown 2998 dial

 We also looked at….

A certified Ultraman (with the wrong hand unfortunately, 1mm too short)

A creation of mine, inspired by a tiny photo in the Goldberger Omega Sports watch book. Look it up in the back….

A grey racing


Black Racing with original papers