Updated Price Chart released

Recently Acquired One Owner watch – They are still out there!

The price chart is updated. I am hoping to move server in the new year and use a different web editing program – this site gets about 600 – 1000 visits a day and it is a job to maintain, and to that end I have engaged a professional to keep it secure and up to date, behind the scenes.

At the same time I will be releasing a new updated style of chart with five grades not 3, and I shall be sharing my own grading system so that you can go through a watch and find out what you have.

Here is the summary of the market:

  • The market has seen a great many sales in the last few months, at Auctions and privately. There is a solid trend to high prices for fine watches, and zero interest in poor watches offered at prices that while less than for a top example, are simply not cheap enough to attract those who would enjoy them.
  • The FOMO crowd has left. People with money burning holes in their pockets, over paying for correct but poor watches. I am no longer fielding numerous enquirers that start with the value question, its more now about quality.
  • you will note several references have gone down in the Running quality and up in the Collector
  • I feel that dealers have a lot of dead stock that they cannot move. This stock is overpaid with quality issues. I have always questioned the ability of any dealer to make a good living from speedmasters, as there simply is not the volume compared to Rolex.
  • Good watches are fetching good prices.
  • This Chart is for MOTIVATED COLLECTORS. The prices here DO NOT reflect retail prices (as found in Vintage Watch Shops), or often not even dealer prices all of which are often 20%-100% higher. Almost every price in the chart is backed up by a known purchase or sale, often my own.  I genuinely believe I or you can find a watch at prices I quote – with patience and dealing with the Vintage Omega community.
  • DO90 bezels are now an important part of any valuation. A flawless one was $5000 but I think realistcly the value is now $4,000 but I know of no sale to back it up in the last 12 months. The value plummets quickly as the damage, marks or discoloration appear. If it is nearly fine then it might only fetch $2000-3000. There is a huge difference in value for that last 10 – 15% quality. (A small degradation is a huge loss of value).

New Price Chart Here