Was this Ebay 2998 a Bargain?

Recently closed on ebay at just under $17,500.  Original listing here.

It appears to be a non watch dealer sale, and the photos are typical non – trade home made, best we could do on a phone types. On digging into the ebay history, I think the seller might be a car-boot sale picker. (Often an indication of a bargain). So was it?


Dial looks correct, I think I see a little step. The dial itself is correct layout for reference and the body seems clean, which the lume is intact – as far as I can see – if a little wobbly and not very attractive. At least it is not Algae lume.


With the focus on the table, the case back is out of focus. But we can see the No 6 double notch endlinks and a clear sea horse. So the chances are it is not polished.

The hand lume is quite green, especially compared to the dial plots.

One thing I note, is that the hands, dial, lume and bezel combination are not immediately pleasing.

The Comparison

Now the most recent sale was a watch on Omega Forums for $28,000, and probably achieved that.  See it here:


This watch is extremely well presented, and everything is correct. It has triangle lume handset, and the correct straight chrono, being a -4. The dial is clean, and the lume is darker, but defined and straight. It could be called slightly dirty in some areas, but generally good. The bezel is loveley and the bracelet is in good condition.

It has recently been serviced


Why is one worth $10,000 more than the other? Well I for one think it is.

Both have similar characteristics:

  • DO90 bezel
  • Correct dial
  • Triangle lume hands
  • 7912 Bracelet
  • No 6 endlinks

For me the quality of the OF watch is miles away from the ebay watch. Both have a place in the market, and will find buyers who enjoy them. There is no right or wrong watch here, only one that is better in almost every area than the other.

The ebay watch has a poor bezel, and dubious history so will need a $800 service. The dial of the OF watch is much more attractive and this is where most of the price difference lies, along with the bezel.

The No 6 endlinks on the OF watch are single notch, and so far not reproduced (counterfeited).

That said, I am sure the buyers of each watch will be happy with what they have bought. Everyone has a level.

I also think the Ebay seller made a mistake starting the bidding at 15,000. High start auctions almost always translate into lower end prices.