Getting in touch with me:

I am always ready to engage with people about speedmasters. If you sign on to you can find me there, and send me a message via my user name Spacefruit through that forum.

You can now send me a message using the form below, but please bear in mind that I have increased security on it and if you prefer not to let me know where you are, then please use the method.


I am often asked if I will buy a watch. I will, if it has been with you or your family, and you have a long history with the watch. I love to buy one owner or one family watches and these I keep, treasure and care for.

I am not a dealer and I will pay over market for the right original and special watch. I do not usually buy watches you have acquired from a dealer.

(Note: If you use this form, the site will take details of your IP Address and MAC address of the machine you are using. If you send me a message I will be able to see where the message was sent from,)