How to Buy a Vintage Speedmaster

Buying a Vintage Speedmaster is a challenging task because of the myriad of changes that took place throughout the production, from the initial Speedmaster 2915 produced in 1957, all the way through until today. 

Since I first wrote this site, interest and therefore prices, have risen. This in turns brings out the worst in people, as they try to sell altered watches as original, and generally poor watches as interesting. I hope that the information you learn here will help you avoid bad sellers.

Here we shall concern ourselves with watches manufactured before 1978, which was the last year Omega stamped the year of manufacture inside the caseback. It is also the period that produces (for me!) the most interesting and attractive looking pieces, along with the widest variation in values. Post 78 watches are perfectly good watches but unlikely to vary in value or appearance, for the near future.

This site is all about the assessment and valuation. We need to know if the watch is original, or at least know what is incorrect, in order to find a value. This site will help you to identify the right watch, for the right price, in the right condition.

The most important thing is to buy a watch that you like – dont worry about what others say, trust your judgement. That judgement will be supported by the knowledge you gain here, so that you know exactly the state of the watch you buy.

Buying a watch with problems that you identify before you purchase is perfectly fine – discovering them afterwards is a horrible feeling so lets avoid that by learning.

The site is divided as follows:


Iconeek Auction

This is a relatively new Geneva Watch Auction house, and this is its second saleYou can see it here. The catalog is superbly photographed, and each

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Another BA 145022 for sale

Just appeared on the market at Drewetts Auctioneers in UK is this rare 18kt gold Speedmaster from 1969. This is inrterseting as there were two

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2998 I didnt buy

Today I just missed this rather nice 2998 in a minor auction, Jones and  Horan in New Hampshire USA. The link is here The watch

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AQ Auction November 2021

Auction is over and results are in Red below. Sale was in CHF but I have given results in USD including commission Antiquorum has a

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