105.003-65 on ebay

This watch is closing and I offer an analysis. The case reference is 105.003-65 and the movement serial is 2496xxxx. I have lifted the photos so the article can remain complete.

105.003-65 offered on eBay April 2015 at $5500

This watch carries a correct dial, but wrong bezel. The chrono hand is too late, and it would make sense that the watch had a service in late sixties or early seventies and had the bezel and hands changed.

From here the case back looks good

Generally the case condition is above average for this reference.  The case back does have opening marks, and that reduces the value.

Another angle shows opening marks
The dial plots are degraded, to a dirty algae look. I do not find them attractive.

The dial is terrible, for this price. Blotchy, and with an unattractive fade, combined with dirty plots. It has a “dry” look.

Movement looks ok

105.003’s used to be the “accessible” straight lug speedmaster. I have noticed some examples, nice ones, selling well over $6000. But these have had clean dials and correct bezels. Many of the ones offered recently have been poor, and expensive, with many incorrect parts. I don’t mind a poor example, if it is cheap enough to enjoy without worry.

It would make a fun wearing watch, if it were cheaper. The dial is really is not a good example, the hands are later and showing signs of many removals and refitting, and perhaps poor repainting. It could be enjoyed, by a certain kind of buyer. As a project this would need a lot of money: a dial for this will be in excess of $1000 and the bezel is now about the same.

Of of course this watch would need a service. A good workshop should be able to source and fit better vintage hands and that would make a big difference.

So to get this watch to a quality I would want at this price would take $2600!

It is all about price. At $5500 I would not touch it. At $3000 it would be a snatch, so somewhere between ought to be the real value.