145.012 Quick Guide and Market Review

The 145.012 comes in two executions, the -67 and the -68 which is very rare. This is the last of the Calibre 321’s and the last 321 Speedmaster to see its value and interest rise. In the last six months the prices have risen considerably.

The first thing you need to check, (as usual!) is that you actually like the watch. Don’t waste time on an ugly watch, or one you think you ought to like.

Find a watch that attracts you, has a charm, a patina, or lack of it if that is what you prefer. People often get lost in technicalities, buy a watch that while having all the correct parts, has no charm, soul or attraction.

You need to read the pages on this reference to be confident but here is the short overview:

  • Check the serial, and case back reference are correct and matching. In this case the range is 2406xxx to 27xxxxx.
  • Check the case for (over) polish and condition. I have seen some recently with corrosion. While these are rare watches, it would have to be cheaper and more attractive in other areas to accept corrosion.
  • Check the dial for correctness and condition, and attraction. Have confidence in yourself. If you do not like the dial, it is unlikely to be a valuable watch. The Dial is an Applied Metal Logo, long indices 321 dial. They are all stepped. They all carry the professional moniker.
  • Check the hands for correctness and condition. Hands are white, should be aged, (no bright superluminova replacements) and it is this reference that first gets the square end chrono. So either drop end or square end is acceptable.
  • The bezel should be a DO90 and if it is not present, or in very poor condition, remember replacements are $800 to $2000.
  • Assume the movement needs a $600 service unless you see documents.

Things to be aware of:

  • The hippocampus on the rear on the premoon is acid etched, and was designed to be easily removed for re engraving by the customer. Careless servicing (polishing) might reduce the etching.
  • These watches were sometimes serviced by replacing the hands, bezel, and even dial with modern ones. See this page. This destroys the vintage attraction, and therefore value.
  • Brown dials can be very much more valuable than the Price Chart. See the Brown Dial page. This is a whole different area of collecting.
  • As a rule, everything will need an service.

Lets look at some on the market:

This one is on ebay now

Front 26 m 6000

This is being offered for a little under $5300. It has a faded, but correct bezel, correct dial and serial in the correct range. Howver the hands are superluminova and the chrono is wrong. The dial plots look white, but all the photos are overprocessed and washed out. I suspect the dial body is ok, but the plots are perhaps scraped, or missing lume. Deep in the listing is a photo of the hands all reset to zero, a good sign.

Here is another:


This one has original looking hands, a correct bezel and the dial once again has white, no lume plots. It is asking $7000, and is from the same Ebay seller as the first watch. The case shows signs of polish, especially the back.

Lets move away from Uruguayan sellers:

Here is one from Beverly Hills.

Its been on the market for some time, and now the market is closing in on his price. I like Jackomond, but I find the quality is not quite what the world wants today.


Once again we have the correct but faded bezel, and in other photos I can see the hands look ok, and the dial does indeed have lume. The whole watch is a bit tired. (I have actually seen this one in the metal.) But to be honest its nicer than the others so far. Serial is in correct range.

Here is an American one:

At $5900 with a 1039 bracelet this is looking even better value:


This has superluminova hands. Otherwise the bezel and dial look nice, as does the case. What I like about this watch is the seller, who seems to have a little knowledge and also claims it to be serviced, no mean feat in the USA due to parts restrictions. The dial is correct but lacking lume, so although the body seems nice the plots are white.

This next one is dodgy as hell.

Seller claims it original and untouched, offering a box and papers.


Going by just this photo I think I see a 105.003 dial, relumed, with a set of relumed hands. Its only on reading the sellers description and seeing this photo that I momentarily think I could be wrong. BUT. I dont know of any original 145.012 with a non pro dial. The story, coming from a longtime storage, and all the papers and bags, and the claim its all original.



In summary prices are all over the place, but there are no really nice ones available. All need something.