145.022-69 Not without issues, but worth a look

Here is a 145.022-69 with a slightly damaged D090 bezel, for what looks a reasonable price ($4850) :

hqm sept 2016

Not without issues. The minute hand is wrong, and the dial plots are poor, but clean. When we look inside we see a mismatching colour on the balance cock:


The serial is 305x xxxx which is high for a D090 bezel but not unheard of. The bezel itself is damaged, but still valuable and probably nearly worth 40% of the asking.

The off-putting thing is the balance cock.

If I bought this I would of course service it.

The other thing is that for a UK buyer, the exchange rate puts it a little high in Sterling (3600), Which is a little high.

I have no affiliation with HQM other than as a customer and from my experience they behave correctly. Remember however I think of them as a “dealers dealer”. Do not expect them to do your due diligence for you. They are by no means Speedmaster experts, they just buy and sell. (Which is why I like them, the prices are often good).

Here is the listing, I dont expect it to last long. Its not a bargain, its got issues, but it is the first time in a long time I have seen a 145.022-69 D090 under $5000.

Also I am not saying buy it, I am saying look and learn.

The listing is here.