2915-2 at Auctiondata December 2016

This has shown up:


It is a 2915-2 with a serial 15997501.

In my limited experience, this serial fits with other 2915-2’s I have seen, in fact I know of three that differ only in the last three digits.

The dial has the shallow subdial layout, and the short indices on the 5 minute marker on the minute subdial. The dial does not have a pronounced step, as I would expect – sometimes these early domed dials do have a pronounced change in plane, but not an actual step. This is hard to tell in a two dimensional photo. It would be important to see this dial – to make sure it is attractive.

Not sure about the hands. The green lume is so unattractive, that if original I can understand why over the years it might have been changed in other watches. The subdial hands may be newer too.

If it were my watch I would definitely relume those hands, and repaint the very white subdial hands.

The case is the earlier version with SPEEDMASTER engraved at the edge of the case. The inside of the case back lacks the pearlage usually seen – I do not know if this is significant.

The bezel is the steel BASE1000. These are very tricky things. I have seen so many different characteristics on various bezels I do not know what is original. To recreate one today is straightforward, although to make one requires several skills not usually found in one person or even one workshop. I now of at least two collectors who are trying to replicate a bezel, and one who already has.

This is estimated at $50,000. It might just get that.

The auction is here