2998-6 for sale in Italy

I spotted this and it is asking Euros 17,500 and I wanted to run it through my thinking with regard to the price chart. Prices for 2998’s have been wildly variable as has the quality. The site selling the watch is here.


First sight this looks like a nice watch, and at todays exchange rate works out to $19,520. As a 2998-6 it has the alpha H/M hands and stick subdials, and a drop chrono – all correct. The hour hand has triangle lume which I prefer, and the minute hand reaches the outer track. The lume on these hands looks possibly redone, but I dont mind.

The dial is a stepped, AML non T non Professional dial, that looks in good condition. The plots look wobbly on the 6, 8 10 and 12. Have they been retouched? Possibly but not to my mind a big infulence on the value. Why? Because if they are touched, it is quite good and doesn’t look new. It is entirely possible they are original, and when it is close like this, I cant see it changing what people will pay.

The bezel is a good example of the correct DO90 bezel – some minor marks would prevent it selling for the maximum $2200 that we saw recently, but still in the $1800 range.

Lets check the serial is in range. It is a -6, so I have seen them in the 18946xxx as well as the 1864xxxx range. This watch is 18645919. The seller offers an Omega Extract, but if it is 2010 or before, it is not reliable.  Now the movement itself is in good condition – check the screws, which are clean, and show only minor, expected, turn evidence.


My price chart showed in January price of 10,000 (Good) to 15500 (Collector) –  It has since been increased.

This is when it gets hard. This watch is very good. So I think I would use the collector grade, and knock off value rather than good and add on.

My thoughts:

  • 15500 less:
  • Bezel (-400)
  • Case, polished but they all are (-1000)

So my value is $14,100. I realise that my prices on the chart are often called too low. But this is on offer by a dealer, and so we should add a dealers margin, $2000-4000 and we now reach as high as $18,000.

Still out of reach. What could raise the price?

  • The dial is very good, after we satisfy ourselves the lume is acceptable.
  • The triangle lume is more desirable.
  • The movement is very good

In summary this watch is one of the very few offered on the market in recent months. I have concerns the dial plots and the extract. Only the buyer can satisfy himself on these legitimacy points, which to be fair, are things that need to be looked at carefully on all 2998’s.