2998 Prices

As of today, (july 2015), 2998’s from one owner sources have all but dried up, compared to two years ago. In 2012 several good “Owner Watches” were traded in the $4000-6500 range. It is difficult to say what they are worth today, as these watches do not show up.

The watches today are mostly offered through dealers, like this one:

2998 on Ebay and Chrono 24 for around $15,500
2998 on Ebay and Chrono 24 for around $15,500

This watch is typical of the kind of thing I am seeing from dealers who do not (yet?) have the detailed knowledge that an informed collector has. This watch has a dial from a 105.003, service hands and bezel. So the only original things might be the movement and case, and that cannot be guaranteed.

Chrono24 has six 2998’s as of today, and range from $6500 to $22,000. Interestingly as of today the most expensive one is on hold. See it here:

2998-4 on sale at Chrono24 for $22,900.
2998-4 on sale at Chrono24 for $22,900.

This watch is pretty much correct, and has the more attractive (to me) triangle lume in the hour hand. Still, anything over $20,000 for a black dialed, DO90 bezel 2998 is something I have not seen until now.

These summer months are notorious for thin markets, and I will wait until September before I draw solid evidence for a major shift in prices in the Price Chart – but I feel it may be coming.

For comparison here is an exceptional 2998 purchased recently, from the original owner, for more than I wanted to pay. Look at that dial!

2998 recently acquired from the owner.
2998 recently acquired from the owner. The mark on the running seconds register is actually a mark in the crystal.