2998 Serial Quick Reference

  • 2998 – 1     1730 1xxx – 1776 1xxx
  • 2998 – 2     1730 2xxx – 1776 1xxx
  • 2998 – 3     1776 1xxx – 1776 5xxx
  • 2998 – 4     1776 2xxx – 1841 9xxx
  • 2998 – 5     1841 9xxx – 1894 5xxx *
  • 2998 – 6     1894 6xxx **
  • 2998 – 61   1894 6xxx – 1958 4xxx **
  • 2998 – 62   1958 3xxx – 1983 4xxx **

*MWO quotes an earlier  finish serial

**MWO quotes all the last three sub references together.

A quick reference for serials for the 2998 reference.

Usual disclaimers about accuracy. In practice it means  I cant guarantee the accuracy but any watch falling outside these parameters would be looked over extra carefully by me before I buy it.


Originally my information was from observation of watches for sale, and I had to make a judgement as to if a watch was original or not. Then I found an excellent Danish site where a gentleman had documented the myriad of 2998 details – not entirely as we see them now, but leap years ahead of me. This site has now gone down.

Credit must also go to the Moonwatch Only book. I urge you to buy this book if you want to read information founded on unparalleled research in this field – unlike me; I am just an enthusiastic observer. I often find myself in a position of finding my own observations borne out, sharpened or even contradicted by this book. This puts me in the most awkward position, as clearly the authors of this work are far better informed than I am. I have to defer to them on serials, and do so with great respect and gratitude.

To be clear, all serials quoted in this site are based on my own research and observations. MWO quotes very slight variations, and they also state the numbers are “movement numbers seen” . I have cross referenced my own observations with theirs, and for the most part follow them unless my observations are different. This is particularly evident on the late sub references, as MWO puts the last three all in one group, where as I have separated them.

As ever, be wary of taking any serial listing as gospel. We are all after all human.