A 145.012 for sale on Ebay

I came across this, and it caught my eye. I wont know until the end of this piece if I like it, you are literally coming on the journey with me, as I assess it.

The eBay lot is here.

145.012 on ebay
145.012 on eBay, May 2015

So my initial feelings are, over touched photo, but potentially interesting. Dial and handset not the most attractive, but they seem to have a nice aging, although the plots are missing the lume. The hour recorder shows chrono creep so it will need to go straight to service, if bought.

It is hard to really get a feel when a photo has been this edited. So lets look deeper. I am liking it less and less…

As I always say, check the case reference, then the movement calibre, and then the serial – and see if they all could have left the factory together. First then the movement, because that’s what I looked at next.

(EDIT: Really I should check the case ref. first as you will see)Movement. Note the number.

Movement. Note the number. It is not correct for a 145.012

Oh dear, we are in trouble now. 2052xxxx is way to early for a 145.012, so better check inside the case back….

A service case back! Note the 145 0012
A service case back! Note the 145 0012

Note the reference is a “Double 00” reference, which indicates a factory supplied service part.

So this is a franken-watch ! Certainly the movement is from around 1962, long before the 145.012 was ever made.

I wonder if the whole case is a service case, although I think not as it shows too much wear:

Side view showing either dirt or corrosion
Side view showing either dirt or corrosion

The seller needs a little investigation now. No one gets one of these by accident.

The description suggests he is a non English speaker. Not being racist, but several of these assembled watches come in from middle Europe, so it might be a factory sending into UK to a “friend” to disguise the origin. Here I am just thinking aloud, my anti-scam radar on full alert.

Now I dig into his ID history and found he changed it in 2003 from a strange name, “buddhikaweerasena” which does not sound Eastern or Middle Europe. More like 419 territory to me.

Then checking further, I look into the sellers history, (as we always should) and I see  he sells a lot of watches. So he is a dealer, (certainly he passes the IRS’s definition of over 20 trades). As a dealer I think he should be ashamed of himself to offer this watch up as though it is an original piece.

Pieces like this have a place, but must be sold under full disclosure. A fine 145.012 might be worth this much, but this is a dubious condition, assembled non original watch. I think it cannot be worth more than $2200-3000 as parts.

But that’s just me – I expect too much from people I realize.


Its a monster.