An Example of Re Lume on a 2998 Dial

This popped up on ebay.

It is being sold as a relumed 2998 dial. The seller is explicitly selling it as relumed. This is very useful because it can be hard to gather evidence of confirmed relumed dials, after all those who can do it well may not disclose.


The dial itself is missing paint on the minute markers, and shows case wear on the SWISS MADE. It is a later 2998 dial, because it has the longer indices on the right sub dial.

As for the re-lume job itself – we can see it does not look the same as other 2998 plots. Even in 105.003’s where the lume can be “Wobbly”it does not look like this. The plots show variety in thickness and coverage – each one is slightly different. Of course it is easy to ind faults now that we know it is a re-lume, but that is the point of this post – to familiarise ourselves with this practice.

Here it is in a watch, (sellers photo again)


Here the lume is more plausible, as my eye does get distracted. However now we know what to look for, I think I can see it is re lumed. Especially the curved end of the 7 o’clock plot – I do not see this in original.