And Now the Alpha Minute Hands for the 2998

Following on from the page on the 2998 Hour hands. At the moment I am just showing all the variations. I hope to pull it all together later.

All minute hands are 15.4 mm long, and have a thin lume line. This line appears in different lengths, and slightly different shapes at the ends. (measurements are open to error, but made with a vernier. The error is from not wanting to push the vernier against the tip of the loose hands, nor dismantle hands from a watch.

Lets start with hands I believe correct.

Note the end of the lume, which is curved.
Another with a curved end. Note also the profile of the hand, which is curved – rather than flat like a mirror

Now lets see some service hands:

Note the square end lume, and flat profile of the hand

The thing is, we cannot divine the service hand simply by looking at the shape of the lume. As I said these two pages are simply a gathering of data. I like to zoom in on minute details, then back out and include the rest. So this page really is a wide open look into my brain as I try to work out the hands for 2998s!

And now hands for consideration:

This hand has curved end at both ends of the lume, and also a slight curve on the metal. So I think it is Omega supplied
A tough one. the hand metal is curved, but the lume profile is squared off. In this case we need to look at the hour hand in conjunction to guide our decision. (Next post!)
Square end lume. Hand looks curved – hard to be sure from photo
Hand is curved, but the lume is square. We need to see the hour hand too.
Curved ends, and curved hand
This hand was sold from a dealer who said they are mid 1970’s Omega Tritium service hands.

These next two photos demonstrate the difference between a curved hand and a flat hand: P7290008 P7290009

So there we have data. In my next post I will put it all together.