More ebay 105.003’s

Following on from a previous 105.003 sales review, here is another. I must say there is a very wide gap between the nice ones and the poor ones. There has been a steady flow of not so good ones onto the market recently.

Here is a pretty beaten up 105.003 on sale now on Ebay at $5900.

105.003-65 On sale on Ebay
105.003-65 On sale on Ebay. Photo from listing

Now at first glance this is in shocking condition. The bezel is faded, the hands have lost paint and the dial is in terrible condition.  However I will not go so far as to say it is nasty. It looks pretty much original, with only service items changed.

is that corrosion? There is the vestiges of the top facet on the lugs which is a positive. Photo from listing

Case is not great, and there may be corrosion. It has been polished, and then further worn.

This is a well used watch – but it is not prepared. This has not been “gone over” by a dealer searching for a profit. I am sure it has been serviced at some point, and someone must have painted the hands, but overall it is pretty close to looking like an owners watch.  This watch grows on me, in the opposite way those dealer watches become less and less attractive the more I look at them.

However when valuing, this is exactly the kind of watch I have in mind as “poor” as although the parts look pretty much correct, they are in such poor condition that if sold separately they would not excite interest.

The seller, despite his celltronics seller handle, has currently listed only watch items, and 330 feedback. I would be cautious but go ahead and engage if I wanted the watch. I don’t like the way it is described, but there may be language / cultural differences that I have learned to work around. However I would also say that scammers use a similar theme. So for this watch I would want to speak on the phone with the seller before sending any money.

The dial, the heart of the value in this era, is rotten. Not completely rotten, but really degraded with very little to say in its favour other than it is probably original. It is missing some of the minute track, the plots are in terrible condition and the body of the dial has raised bubbles.

The bezel may or may not be a DO90, but it is so bad it makes no difference.

This is a really battered watch. However if this is sent to a sympathetic workshop I think it would turn out well. It is a sound basis for a watch full of character – not to everyone’s taste I know.

It needs a service, new glass, pushers and possibly crown. The case I would clean, possibly a very light refinish. The hands can be repainted an appropriate aged colour, or left as is. Normally I would leave them but I think they have been repainted once and that is why it is all flaked off.

The movement looks good, correct serial range and the right parts that I can see.

This might make a good watch for someone, subject as ever, to price.

 Now compare to this:

105.003 on sale on ebay. Photo from listing
105.003 on sale on ebay. Photo from listing

On sale here

This is polished, good bezel, new hands, and an unattractive dial. It may have been relumed or worked on. Looks a little touched up, but in general in MUCH better condition than the first one I looked at above. But asking $9000 it should be.

It does not seem attractive, because of those superluminova hands. That can easily be changed.

The bezel is pretty good, and this could make a difference to the price!