Arrived ! Salvation Army Speedmaster

And I still do not know what it is!

I think it is a 105.012 pre 66 because of the beveled case back, and the short pushers. However I cannot open it up easily, and so I am sending it straight to STS. The pushers do not work, the chrono subdials dont reset – its in a terrible state and it is filthy!


A fine DO90 bezel!

Short pushers and double step back.P6210013-001

Although the back is damaged, I do not think they succeded in opening it – I did not! I know when to send to people better than me.

Look also at the filth, and the damage to the end piece. This bracelet is the tightest I have ever recieved, which makes me wonder how much use the watch has seen.


The links are so tight, they hold together as you can see. I could not release the spring bars either. The end piece has been damaged by someone who tried: P6210011

P6210005 P6210014  P6210008

Now its gone to STS. More will be revealed!

Edit: the return is written about here