BASE1000 Bezel Sold for $16,200

I am kicking myself this morning.

Base 1000 bezels are very rare. Finding one is almost impossible and before this one the last one I heard sell was around $10,000. When discussed between my fellow collectors, none of us would refuse the opportunity to buy a BASE1000 for $10,000 so I suppose it should be no surprise to see this one sell for $16,200.

Image from listing, cropped and flipped by me.

The seller, while I do not know them personally, is known and trusted.

The bezel itself looks better than many. The black colour is solid, and the numbers clear, and it is in good condition. There are many that are too faded, to worn, too scratched – this is not one of those, it’s nice.

It must be said the case is almost an irrelevance, no 105.003 had a bezel like this, and it has been put on upside down – perhaps for safe keeping? I have a spare bezel and I keep it on a case, thinking there is less chance of damage. Still, we have to attribute a value to this case and I thought of a generous $3000.

So that would value the bezel at around $13,000, or 30% up on the last known sale, or at least agreed value. In those terms, seeing as how 2998’s have risen 200% over the same period, this is cheap no?

A 2998-1 with the correct bezel is arguably worth $15,000 to 20,000 more than one without. A 2915-3 by the same amount.

So now that I sit, and coldly go through the figures, I regret not bidding more. At the end there were three bidders over 15,000. As far a watchcollecting as a hobby, these numbers for a bezel are insane.

But looked at in cold hard cash terms, I realise I made a mistake not buying it.