Bonhams 13th September 2016

Bonhams is holding a watch sale on 13th September in London. The details are here.

There is only one Speedmaster, which surprises me as they had several in the last sale and one of the staff told me they had more to sell but did not want to flood the sale…but clearly they are not in this sale.

Lot 126


Estimate £1500-2000

bonhams 3 sept 145012

Not one of Bonhams best photographs, but what we can see is that the bezel is a late service bezel, and the bracelet is 1171/1 indicating that this watch has had attention. The sharp eyed will note this is a -68 and this is a rare bird – not worth especially more than the -67 but as there are much fewer of them, if there are some compleatists about then that might push the price, which at this estimate is low.

There is a second photo which is hardly more useful.

bonhams 3 sept 145012 hi res

What you can see when you zoom in on the Bonhams site is that the crystal is heavily marked. I do wonder what this watch has been through prior to sale. One theory is that a dealer found a beaten up watch, changed the bezel and added the bracelet, then shoved it into Bonhams with a low estimate, and is rolling the dice.

The photos are terrible, and do not capture the essence of the watch, although I don’t think that is a nice dial, as it looks like it is missing all the lume. I cannot tell what the handset is.

Even after all this, my guess is that this will exceed the estimate.

Lot 133


Estimate £1800-2200

133 bonhams
Ref 2451/7 Cal 321

Here is an interesting watch, for speedmaster collectors. This reference carries a calibre 321, and is the same number range as a 2915. Although produced in 1956.

It is from watches like this, that an unscrupulous person might assemble a deceitful 2915.

As it is I like this watch – it is after all a close cousin to that very first speedmaster.