Bonhams 14th December 2016

Selling at Bonhams, in London. See here for the sale.

Bonhams managed to sell several 105.003’s last year for prices just around 10,000 Sterling. This was when sterling was around 1.40 and then it dropped to 1,22.

The photos in the catalog are harsh, and I would recomend viewing, before bidding. All estimates are in USD although the sale is in GBP Sterling.

Lot 9 105.003-65  Estimate $6200 – $8700

See it here.

Lot 9 105.003-65

This is a fair example, presented without a bracelet, papers or box. (Important to remember – the previous STG10k Bonhams watches had bracelets, service history and boxes). Nor does it have the correct DO90 bezel, a trend I am seeing more and more at auctions – vintage Speedmasters being offered with modern bezels – presumably the original bezels are often sold separately ot used to enhance another, earlier watch.

This watch has a soft looking case, definitely polished, used and possibly polished again. The overall look is a used, serviced watch in not very original condition, with the wrong bezel and possibly service hands. With all this talk of service, don’t think this watch does not need immediate service, it does – by the look of the hour recorder which is not centred. This is a watch to buy and wear enjoy and slowly try to find another bezel. It should not go higher than the estimate to feel good on the wrist.

That said – there is a chance this is an attractive dial – if so then we could see it go higher. The photos are too harshly edited to be sure. This watch really needs closer inspection.

Lot 10 105.003-64  Estimate $8700 – $1,100

See it here

Lot 10 105.003-65
Lot 10 105.003-65

This has problems.

The first is the dial plots, and the over all look of the dial which I do not like.  There is some damage to the minute track as well. We can all see the incorrect pusher and the dirt around it. The chrono hand I would expect to see a drop end. The endlinks do not fit, and the bracelet looks completely devoid of spring.

The DO90 is ghosting, and people are going for this – I don’t really like it enough to pay a premium.

This is a watch ripe for a sympathetic restoration and relume. I suspect an Italian dealer may buy it. A service, relume, aged correct hands, and a Michael Young bracelet restoration and he will sell it for $18,000. Have to sort out those endlinks too.

This is a dealer watch, one that may turn out quite well after a lot of work requiring a range of talents – although it will always be a restored watch. It’s originality left a long time ago.

Lot 89 105.003-65 Estimate $7400 – $9900

See it here

Lot 89 105.003-65

Another tired example, but possibly with more originality. The bracelet endlinks give immediate concern, as in why and how did they get there? The 7912 bracelet is a plus as it looks in good condition – though this watch does not have the photos that the other lots do so I cannot tell.

The subdial is not centred, so immediate service required. Dial is correct and looks good.  Pushers look original and in good condition, DO90 bezel has to be original to the watch in that condition, and in general I like the whole look of this.

The catalog says it is from a private owner, which is always better – if true.

Lot 90 105.003-64  Estimate $2500 – $3700

see it here

Lot 90 105.012-66
Lot 90 105.012-66

Another incorrect bezel on an auction lot….

We don’t know if this is a CB or HF case, there are no facet lines to indicate a CB case but they could have been polished off. My guess is that this is an HF.

The dial is pretty damaged and blotchy, not attractive. This time it is the seconds subdial that is not centred, and probably means this needs a service.

The 1450 bracelet is incorrect for this reference.

The pushers look original and in good condition, so indicates to me this might respond well to service.

However in order to bring this watch up to par we need a Chrono hand (and all the work needed to make all the hands look right) , a bezel, a service and a miracle for the dial.

It is cheap, but that is because it is what it is worth.