Bonhams Auction Speedmasters, June 2016

Thesre were four speedmasters in Bonhams this June, and be a stroke of luck I was able to view them in person. I didn’t count how many Rolex were on sale but it was a significantly greater number than the Speedmasters. One of the staff confided that they had more Speedmasters to sell, but they did not want to put too many in one sale. I would say they could have put quite a few more in and not affected demand or price. Also I am not sure they know the difference between references. (They will, as everyone appears to be more and more interested in them).

Prices are including the Auction commissions, USD figures at todays rate, rounded up to nearest $100.

Lot 15

105.002-62 with early serial and Alpha hands.imageCA8N1860

Lot 17, 105.002-62 sold for $17,400. Photo from Bonhams

It was in good condition, with a good bezel and original alpha hands. It did not have as much attraction as some I have seen, but it didn’t stop it selling for £11,750 (USD$ 17,400). That’s a massive price, and it will be reflected in the price chart. There were several bidders for this and so it is a clear indication that this reference is in demand. Here are a couple of my Iphone shots:IMG_0883It has obviously had some work done, note the square end chrono (should be drop end) and the oversize pushers. See here for 105.002 details

And here with catalog:


Lot 18

Lot 18. 105.003-63. Sold for $13,000. Photo from Bonhams


This had Omega service history and a terrible service dial and bezel. The selling price of £8750 (USD$13,000) might at first glance seem over paid. However it is a very rare reference, the -63 is hard to come by. Secondly in the bag of parts that Omega sent back with the watch are a pair of No6 endlinks, (last seen selling on Ebay for over $1000) and a near mint DO90 bezel, (last seen selling on Ebay for $2500). And a 7912 bracelet! So with spare parts worth over $4500 the watch costs approximately $9500. BUT it is without a dial. Strangely the 105.003 dial has been easier to source in my experience than any other pre-pro dial. Not a bad buy in my opinion. If you have a dial…

Lot 39

Lot 39 105.003-65. Sold for $13,000. Photo from Bonhams


The more common -65 Ed White. This was a charming watch, a genuine watch from an owner. The crystal was badly marked but otherwise the watch seems very honest and correct. The dial is very attractive, and the bezel better than the photo. I was told it came in from a private source through regional office  – which accounts for the somewhat lower estimate. In the end it sold for £10,000 (USD$13,000). I think this was the buy of the sale.


The dial was very nice, the bezel better than the photo, and the whole watch was attractive and original.

Lot 90

18kt Gold Soyuz

Lot 90 18kt Gold Soyuz. Sold for £12,000. Photo from Bonhams

A very cool limited edition, sold on the right money for £12,000, (USD$17,800) but estimated at half. Showing a little aging on the gold but no damage, I think this is one of my favorite limited editions. Its very rare, only 50 made, and wears better than the 1969 18kt versions – although I would always choose the 1969 for its history – and solid gold dial. This had a short bracelet but came with three extra links. Important, as gold speedmaster links are around $1000 to remake and fit.