Can we call this a 2998?

I recently purchased this:

Recent acquisition by me, from Ebay Germany with no history at all.

The question is, what is it?

Asymmetric case, DO90 bezel, short indices painted logo dial….looks like a 1969 cal 861 right? Some side shots show a pretty well used case, that has had some less than expert polishing.

Side views show extensive wear and polishing. Pushers are in excellent condition and look new.


Hang on….

Engraved back. Note new pushers

The engraved back and DO90 clash. It cannot be a 1969 speedmaster with that back.

So lets open it:

145.022 no date case, calibre 321 movement, older style dust cover

Now we clearly have some issues – the case is a 145.022, later than 1978 as there is no date. The movement is a 321 which never went into a case this late. lets check the number:


Movement number 17761681. This is possibly a 2998 movement, based only on matching this movement to known 2998s in my collection. The nearest I have is 17761171.

Note the asymmetric clutch bridge which is correct for an early movement like this.

I bought this watch as a parts donor, the DO90 bezel was the main attraction. I know nothing about it, it was a German Ebay special.


I think this must be a watch heavily serviced. The movement shows signs of work and is probably from a 2998. If this had been serviced by omega in the mid 1980’s then it is possible they replaced everything except the movement. The movement appears in good shape, with the exception of a non centering hour recorder, which is usually corrected at service.

We could argue that is is an assembly, but as the parts are all service parts, I think it more likely to have once been a 2998, and serviced by replacing the case, dial and hands.