Hour Hands in 2998’s

(Top of the pile above is a 2915 – the rest are 2998’s)

I have long wondered at the variation in hands on 2998’s. I do not know for sure, (as I was not there) which hands Omega supplied at original production – perhaps all.  So the possibilities are:

  • Original Omega hands, supplied with the watch from new.
  • Omega hands, fitted as replacements at service
  • Non Omega supplied hands, fitted by non Omega watchmakers.

All hour hands fitted to 2998’s should be 11mm. Seamaster Alpha hands are shorter, and 2915-3 hands are longer.

I have no idea how Omega sourced them, but it is very clear there are numerous small variations in the original Omega hands – so I postulate there was more than one supplier of original hands, or one supplier using slightly different production methods. I think all the hands shown below are Omega supplied, but at different times. What I want to know is, are all the hands we see on 2998’s made or supplied to Omega? Following on is the question which ones are most desirable or valuable?

Here is some observed hands that people have been kind enough to let me photograph or crop.

This page is an examination of the hour hand only. Each hour hand has a complimentary minute hand that also has variations, but here we start by concentrating on the hour hand. Also the purpose of the page is to lay out observed variations, and I leave the conclusions only as to what I find desirable, and therefore more valuable.

First lets start with the triangle lume. I like to see these, and will pay more for a watch with them on than the thin lines:

P7190016These hands have a very slight curve across the hand. So they are easier to read, and do not reflect the light back like a mirror.P7190010

Now lets look at one of the straight line lumes, with square ends. I believe these are Omega Service replacements. The are flat and mirror-like. I do not value these as high as the triangle. These have lume that glows, and it is possible to see them with tritium or superluminova lume:


Note the hard square ends, sharply cut out from the hands.P7190005

Also observe these hands are flat, like mirrors.P7190004

Now lets look at the straight lines with curved ends. I prefer these to the straight end cutouts as I think these are earlier service replacements:


In summary I prefer the triangle lume hour hands, then the thin lines with round ends, and finally if a watch has square end lume I will try to source replacements.

What you do is up to you – I am not telling anyone what is 100% right or 100% wrong. We are flying in thin air here, with very little source material to rely on, only current observations. An owner who swear blind the watch is original since new, often turns out to be the third owner, and the watch bears service marks. So it cannot be used as source information.

Here is the study of minute hands