It has been quiet on the site



As real life always catches up with me in the summer. Lots of good things in Speedmaster world:

Will a 2915 price be repeated? Are the stratospheric auction prices of $400,000 and $275,000 are going to be tested in the coming “watch season”.

There is a plethora of Ed Whites selling at the moment, for a wide range of prices, and I think that the prices are reflecting a corresponding wide range of condition.

Blue Soliel dials. Another appeared on the forum that has not been known so far, and we wonder if more will appear of this little known and mysterious execution.

Black and Grey Racings are exiting collectors, especially those more familiar with Rolex who see these dials as bargains.

There is also talk of speedmaster prices hitting a bubble. I do not feel it myself, good watches are hard to find, and harder to buy.

I brief post, wishing you all a good summer.