Phillips Auction – Where are all the Speedmasters ?

Phillips have an auction in Geneve:

12 November 6pm CET (lots 1-100)
13 November 6pm CET (lots 101-196)
Hôtel La Réserve, 301 Route de Lausanne, Geneva

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I have put my initial thoughts down – I am not very exited by anything here, so my comments might come across a little bilious – there is a lot of over description in the catalog, and that irritates me.

I feel this is a pretty poor selection compared to what Phillips have found in the past. Several are watches from the MWO book, which might drive the prices up a bit.

I would also love to know how all these auctions get Omega Extracts for serial ranges I cannot.

Lot 31

Omega Ref. ST 145.0022 caseback further stamped 345.0022 A limited edition stainless steel chronograph wristwatch made to commemorate the Apollo XI mission Estimate CHF6,000 – 9,000
Made in 1998, this watch typifies Omega’s prolific limited editions that has until now put off many of my collector friends in Asia – who are bamboozled by the sheer numbers of special editions. At the estimate this is ok, but it will probably go more.
Sold for CHF9,375 (about $9500) A truly baffling price for a modern limited edition.

Lot 32

Omega Ref. 105.012-66 A rare and very attractive stainless steel chronograph wristwatch with telemeter scale and bracelet Estimate CHF8,000 – 12,000
With its Telemtre bezel, this is quite expensive on the estimate, and is really riding on the fact it as pictured in the MoonWatchOnly book. Its not one I would rush to, as there is no DO90 bezel.
Sold for CHF10,000 (about $  10,115). Without a DO90 bezel, it is a little expensive, although I understand why it sold  – it is an attractive package for a newer buyer.

Lot 33

Omega Ref. 105.003-63 A very attractive and historically important stainless steel chronograph wristwatch with tachymeter scale, bracelet, box, papers and hang tag Estimate CHF20,000 – 30,000
A nice full set – although one always wonders, when a watch is in this used and polished condition, how many of those accessories were the actual ones with the watch from new.
Another MWO watch, this is being touted as historically significant (why? I cannot see it), and has another of those extracts that often eludes mere mortals like me. The watch looks tired, and while it has all its accessories, I don’t think this justifies the price for condition. I have no doubt it will find a home, as frankly there is nothing much good in this sale.
sold for CHF25,000 (about $25,300). A rare watch with all the papers – clearly bodes the way the market is going.

Lot 34

34 Omega Ref. 145.022-69 An extremely rare and unusual stainless steel prototype chronograph wristwatch with white dial and tachometer bezel, accompanied by red thermo-protective case, made for NASA Estimate CHF100,000 – 200,000

Definitely a rare  item.

Not sure if I would want it, because the Speedmaster Alaska prototypes were an Omega initiated project, not one asked for by NASA, So they were created to solve a problem that wasn’t there, and I  have a difficulty being part of what is essentially a self pleasing project by a brand. NASA was already happy with the Speedmaster, was never interested in this, and didn’t want it when shown it.

I do see it is an interesting project, but it was never to my knowledge of any use whatsoever.  Certainly not $200,000 worth.

Sold for CHF156,250 (About $158,000). Well it sold, and quite low really. Although I am not best qualified to understand the value of something like this.