Price Chart Update August 2015

The Price Chart has been updated to reflect the upward movement of early calibre 321 prices.

These early watches have moved upwards, and as a result a lot more undesirable watches, assembled from several watches and parts (not all of them speedmasters), have been offered. We need to be even more vigilant to spot these assemblies masquerading as original.

As Omega will not issue extracts for these early watches we have to follow received wisdom when making originality judgments, for example taking the first five or six digits of the serial and see if we can find others of the same reference. Not certain, but gives some reassurance to see matching numbers.

Here is an example of a 2998-62 recently sold for just under $6800 on Ebay in July 2015. The Price Chart shows a Running price of $6500 and Good of $8500.

2998-62 ebay
2998-62 sold on Ebay, photos from listing

2998-62 mvt ebay

As we can see, the hands are replacements. Both ends of the lume are squared off, and the minute hand is too short. The pushers are replacements of some sort, probably quite old, not the shape I am used to seeing, nor the size I would expect. (Although I have seen early service pushers looking like this). The bezel is new. The chrono hand is poorly repainted. The dial is ugly.

I am not certain I like the number bridge – It has a slightly different colour to the other bridges and could indicate an assembled watch – this is a real possibility given the rest of the indicators.

This sold for $6800. This is a long way from the $10,000 to $18,000 that some dealers are offering 2998’s for, but even so, I do not see it as a bargain.

  • The dial is correct, but in poor condition without character.
  • The bezel needs to be replaced with a $1000-1500 DO90
  • Needs a full service ($650)
  • Possible assembly – colour difference on the bridges