Price Chart Update For January 2016

I have found a solution for the “Bezel Problem”.

All prices include a DO90 bezel, up to and including the 145.022-69 line. If the watch you are valuing does not have a DO90 bezel, commensurate with the “grade” you have allocated, then you need to adjust the price appropriately.

My rough estimated values included in each price are:

  • Rough on Poor                  +400    Range 200-600
  • Passable  on Running    +700    Range 600-800
  • Good on Good                   +1000 Range 800 – 1200
  • Top on Collector              +1500 Range1200 – 2000

Of course if a preceding reference is missing a DO90 then that value needs to be adjusted.

Once again you have to use you head and remember these are all arbitrary valuations.

No post is complete without a photo, so here is a DO90 bezel only a mother could love: