Price Chart Update September 2015

There have been some more interesting developments in the Speedmaster market, not always enough activity during the summer months but I think I see some trends:

  • The cheapest 861’s sold over the summer that I see, were in the 1800 range. Still needing a service, this is more than this time last year.
  • 2998’s in original condition, or at least original specification, are really pushing the ceilings. Although several dealers were roundly ridiculed in the various fora for offering 2998s at over $20,000, I think this may well turn out to be the average rather than the limit in the coming months. It must be stressed, that this applies ONLY to original watches. There are so many watches with replaced hands, bezels, even dials on offer that this can cloud an accurate view of the market.

This is September. It is quite possible after the coming round of bricks and mortar auctions that prices will have to be adjusted again.

Click here for September Price Chart