Price Chart Updated for October 2016

As we go into auction season there are some interesting things on the horizon. A Scottish auction house that holds regular watch sales of average $150 per lot, sold a rare Speedmaster last month dwarfing their entire year’s turnover in watches in just one sale. Now they have another Speedmaster but its a redialed 105.002 that is not going too far.

Lot 156 at McTears, a 105.002 with service dial and bezel, probably hands too. Also on late bracelet.

You can see it here, but it is selling on 3rd November 2016

The “Major” auction houses all have several Speedmasters  this autumn although we still have a long way to go before Speedmaster numbers meet that of Daytona or Submariners.

The more Rolex’s I see the more I realize just how rare Speedmasters are.

A change to the chart:

I have separated 145.022’s that carry a DO90 bezel from those that have a correct DN90 bezel. Remember if they have a service or later DN90 then that reduces the price.

So What’s it Worth?

Here is a little exercise to show how I think when I use the chart.


105.012-65 with matching serial.

Condition? Case is good , dial is good (See below), hands are degraded (but pleasant), plots are degraded, but natural, and bezel is poor but correct. Pushers are new, and indicate service which this watch has recently had at STS.

Now this dial has a speckling that some will like, some will not. It does make the watch attractive, but it does move away from a perfectly preserved example. So here we have an arbitrary decision that a buyer must take.


105.012 GOOD is $9200 head only.

LESS: bezel is less than should be on this, so subtract 800.

Dial? Should we subtract $1000? I think so. However the problem is that if we do, then in a competitive environment we will lose the watch. So, If I like it and want to win it, I had better not subtract for the dial.

Overall, this is an attractive watch, so $9200 less $800(bezel) and less $1000 (Dial) so my base price is $7400. If this was on Ebay I would expect the bidding to fall at that amount or more. If it was in Christies I expect it would go for 10% to 30% more.